Luci + Kee Onn | Wedding in Northeast Minneapolis

A winter wedding at Columbia Manor Golf Club

Luci + Kee Onn | December 28, 2019| Columbia Manor – Northeast Minneapolis

Luci and Kee Onn married at Columbia Manor in Northeast Minneapolis. Before they exchanged vows, the couple wanted to take photos at Como Conservatory in Saint Paul. It was a tight schedule, but thanks to the skillful driving of Kee Onn’s father, we had time to spare. The photos were beautiful, however, the most breathtaking thing happened during their shoot—something that has never before happened to me as a photographer—the people waited for us! For anyone who doesn’t know, Como Conservatory is a public space and people are free to walk about, wedding photos or not. But the group that day was patient and incredibly polite. That’s Minnesota nice.

Como Conservatory’s Sunken Garden was filled with poinsettias. It was a perfect match for the couple’s wedding colors.

We took all of our photos before the ceremony. The couple invited their three siblings and two friends to stand with them on their wedding day, as their wedding party.

Keeping in-theme with the time of year, the wedding party wore reds and grays.

The ceremony began at sunset. The ceremony was held in the manor’s North Porch. Luci and Kee Onn exchanged vows and rings, and then were married!

Perhaps the most eventful part of the evening were the toasts given by Kee Onn’s father and brother. It is tradition to yell “Yam Seng!” after each speech. Guests will then compete for the loudest and longest “Yam Seng!” until a victor is declared, or everyone is just out of breath.

“Yam Seng” literally translates to “drink to victory!”

By the end of the evening the weather persisted with rain continuing to fall (a sign of good luck, depending who you ask). But when life hands you precipitation, you make gorgeous nighttime rain photos. Luci and Kee Onn stood under an umbrella as raindrops danced through light all around them.

When life gives you a wedding day ice storm…you take an amazing photo!



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