Olive + Miles // Intimate Backyard Micro Wedding in Zimmerman, MN

Olive and Miles wanted a low-key, simple micro-wedding with their closest friends and family. They asked Mother Nature to help with the decorations.

How much more personal can a wedding get on the groom’s family property? That’s exactly what Olive and Miles went for when they tied the knot in Zimmerman, Minnesota.

The backdrop was serene — nature did the heavy lifting on this part with pine trees and tall prairie grass surrounding clearing where the couple were wed. Human hands made some slight alterations — along neatly groomed trails, candled-filled mason jars hung from the pines. We took gorgeous photos of the bride and groom under these makeshift candles at sunset.

The goal was to be low-key. Olive and Miles rented a tent for the reception dinner. Closest friends and family only. A beautiful sunset and cooperative weather were the icing on the wedding cake.

Congratulations, Olive and Miles!

Wedding rings adorn a pine cone at Olivia and Miles outdoor wedding in Zimmerman, Minnesota.
Bride and groom and stand holding hands on a trail in Zimmerman, Minnesota.
Flower girl empties her basket as she walks down the aisle.
Portrait of bride and groom kissing in a field in Zimmerman, Minnesota.
Wedding reception photography at sunset in Zimmerman, Minnesota.
Bride and groom toast at their outdoor wedding.
Bride and groom embrace on a trail in Zimmerman, MN.
Bride and groom hold hands among pine trees and under candle-filled mason jars.

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