A Collaboration with Rumpl and Messy Ever After

Lifestyle Branding Session - Taylors Falls, MN & Osceola, WI

Lifestyle Brand Photography Session – Taylors Falls, MN

Question: What do you get when a blanket company partners with an artist?

Answer: This amazing, puffy blanket!

In June, I had the great pleasure of working on a collaborative photo shoot with Kelly Marie, the artist behind Messy Ever After, and Rumpl, a Portland-based sleeping bag blanket company. Over the course of a couple weeks, Kelly, Rumpl’s team members and I shared several calls and emails to create a photography plan for our photo shoot for a blanket with Kelly’s artwork on it.

In Kelly’s own words, “The original piece on this blanket was inspired by the frigid MN winter, so it was fitting to capture it in its birthplace.” Given the flow in the artwork, we choose two locations for our photo shoot: Interstate Park – Taylors Falls, MN & Cascade Falls – Osceola, WI.

Messy Ever After: http://messyeverafter.com | Instagram: @messyeverafter

Buy Artwork from Messy Ever After: https://messyeverafter.com/shop/

Rumpl: http://www.rumpl.com | Instagram: @gorumpl

Buy Kelly’s Blanket from Rumpl: https://www.rumpl.com/products/messy-puffy-blanket 

Read more on the Rumpl blog: https://www.rumpl.com/blogs/gorumpl/messyeverafter

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