Micro Weddings – Everything You Need to Know

Not quite an elopement, but not exactly a traditional celebration. Is a micro wedding right for you?


In this uncertain environment, couples and vendors alike are wondering how to continue with their wedding plans. While some couples are rescheduling, others are opting for a smaller celebration on their original date, planning to eventually celebrate with their larger group of family and friends later.

A celebration of love sounds pretty good right now, and if you’re able to move forward with your plans on a micro-level, it’s definitely worth a shot!— Emily Surdyk, Catering Director – Surdyk’s Catering | Photo by Rachel Lahlum Photography – Trina + Jeff’s Wedding at Aster Cafe, NE MPLS

Micro weddings, elopements and smaller celebrations are a pivot-response to COVID-19. Micro weddings have been on the rise for awhile, but with current conditions, it’s likely more couples will move toward a smaller scale for the foreseeable future.

For this blog post, I reached out to several wedding professionals — below you’ll find our collective tips and ideas for how you can put a micro vision to your wedding day.

For this blog post, a handful of Minnesota-based wedding industry professionals answered a few questions and shared information about how they couples on a micro wedding scale. Participating professionals include:


A micro wedding is an intimate spin on a traditional wedding. A couple gets married in front of a handful guests, as opposed to a larger gathering. Typically, couples invite their very closest family and friends, and the events of the day are shortened. It’s not an elopement (only the couple), nor a large celebration. It’s in a space between, where couples can still exchange their vows in front of their closest loved ones.

In the current state of the world, we are all encouraged to limit social contact, but we also need to maintain a sense of normalcy. There’s something about weddings — a celebration and exclamation of love, that help us stay grounded. Keep it small, keep it intimate. Say your vows in front of your closest family and friends, and make it fun.

Does a micro wedding sound like your thing? Read on! If not — no worries! Micro weddings aren’t always the right fit – and that’s okay too.

“Micro weddings hover in an in-between space, not quite an elopement, but also not a large celebration. It’s a happy medium, where couples can still exchange their vows and celebrate with their closest family and friends.” — Rachel Lahlum, Photographer | Photo by Rachel Lahlum Photography – Micro Wedding at Cotton Mansion – Duluth, MN


A smaller guest count and a shortened timeline of day-of events has a natural cost savings rolled in. Fewer guests have a direct correlation in cost savings, starting with your invitations all the way through to your catering costs (double check your venue’s food and beverage minimums). Because you’ll likely have a shorter timeline, you’ll see smaller packages with your other vendors as well.

Another benefit of a micro wedding is that you’re able to connect with all your guests in a very personal way.  Often, what couples stress the most about is how they are going to “work the room” and say hello to all of their guests.  By including only your closest friends and family only, you’ll feel more at ease.

At the end of the day, the goal is to be married to the person you love most, right? A micro wedding is a pivot-response to COVID-19, even if it’s not what you originally had in mind. | Photo by Rachel Lahlum Photography – Micro Wedding at Crowne Plaza’s Skygarden – Downtown Minneapolis

If you had a wedding planned for this spring, you’re probably wondering what to do (we all are, honestly). Although downsizing your wedding isn’t what you had in mind, a micro wedding is a great temporary compromise until things settle down.


1. Start is by curating your guest list. Work through the list with your partner and determine who you’d like there — since your list is small, it’s important you both can agree on the guest list right away.

2. Find a date and a venue! If you’re changing plans because of COVID-19, check with your venue to see if they can accommodate the wedding. If you don’t have a venue, consider what’s open and available — local parks, backyards, or a home. The world is ever-changing, so perhaps later this spring/summer, your favorite restaurant or brewery may have a small private space, or your original venue may be able to accommodate you too!

3. Once you have a date, a venue, and your guest list, you can begin reaching out to your other vendors for your wedding day! There’s a great list of options below, and although big celebrations might be out of the question right now, that doesn’t mean your vendors are closed for business! Photographers, videographers, day-of coordinators and planners, caterers, breweries, florists, and officiants are all still working!



Hi! I’m the owner of this photography website — thank you for reading this blog post!

In these uncertain times, I think we all could use a little reminder that we always have love. For couples looking at micro weddings, I have micro coverage – an hourly rate – from one to five hours. It’s perfect for small, intimate gatherings and generally covers the ceremony, couples portraits, portraits with your guests, and coverage of your small gathering. What I love about micro weddings is how much we can accomplish in such a short period of time. I had a May 2019 wedding where we were able to get couples photos, family photos, and the entire ceremony in a single hour.

From the moment we connect, it’s my goal to help you feel at-ease. We’ll plan our session together from start to finish. I know where to take you for the best shots, how to help you pose, and — best of all — we make it fun! What I look forward to most about every wedding is creating a custom collection of photos. I won’t just photograph your wedding – I’ll create the story of you, uniquely yourselves, on your wedding day, no matter the size. This will be the story to share someday with your children and grandchildren.

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We have a small elopement package as well as a micro wedding day management package. So if a couple decides they want to have a small dinner with their close friends and family, we will help them find all those key vendors that they need, guide them on planning it on a time crunch and provide them with a detailed timeline as well as run the day for them! We have a few vendor friends that will give discounts on their services and work with our design vision so that we can give them a lovely day! 

We just recently planned a wedding for a couple in less than a month! It was 25 people, we were able to find their venue, catering, photographer, floral and decor. We rented them speakers and guided them on getting their marriage licenses and planned out the day! We ran their day for them so that all they had to worry about was photos with family and enjoying their time. 

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A micro wedding, while perhaps not your original vision for your big day, is still a celebration of your love. It’s also a testament to the resiliency of all of us in times of trouble. Surdyk’s Catering will happily waive food and beverage minimums at this time should anyone be interested in giving a micro wedding a shot. We can send a chef and just one server to your venue. We can also deliver beautiful platters of food or even full dinners to the door if that’s what works best for you. And of course, we can also deliver wine, beer, and spirits from our Liquor Store. Let us know your ideas! Our favorite thing about working with our couples is the creativity involved in working together to create a custom, personal wedding experience. These weddings may look different than we had originally planned, but hey, there is still a lot to celebrate in the world. To borrow a line from Burt Bacharach, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Let’s do this!

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At Flowers Plus, we know not every couple or wedding is the same, so we do not believe in offering packages for your flowers. This allows you to customize what is best for you, whether it is just a bridal bouquet, centerpieces or everything in between. We understand the stresses of planning a wedding and we are here to help make the process easier, we offer full delivery and set up in the metro area along with pick up.

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At buck & rose we help plan and coordinate weddings of all sizes!  A perfect package for planning a micro wedding would be our Partial Planning package.  Our clients who select this package get assistance with any part of the planning that they don’t want to take care of themselves.  With four planning meetings available we can dedicate them to whatever the client needs help with the most or we can specialize them into a crash course into wedding planning.  The initial meeting is focused on setting priorities, discussing guest count, budget, and going through their customized wedding planning checklist.  The follow up meetings can be used for selecting vendors, venue site visits, and a focus on event design to bring your wedding vision to life.  

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Onsite Muse provides Professional Onsite Hair & Airbrush Makeup services for any occasion! Anything from a single bride to a wedding party of 10+. We have a small studio centrally located in Northeast Minneapolis that brides/clients can use to have their services done at and get ready at free of charge which can be great for a micro wedding because it saves on a hotel rental or we will come to the location of your choosing to help you get ready for your day also free of charge if it is within 20 mi of our studio.  

When having a smaller/micro wedding we have seen brides in the past offer our services to the wedding party or guests since it is usually only a few people that are involved with the day. It gives the bride and those people the opportunity to spend the whole day together and experience all the pieces that go into the wedding. Brides have said it is one of their favorite parts of the day because it’s so relaxing and they get a chance to hangout with their closest friends and family. In the end our main goal is to make you look and feel your very best on one of your most important days.

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