Pritha & Tyler | Winter Hindu Wedding at Windows on Marquette

Pritha & Tyler | Colorful Winter Indian Wedding in Minneapolis, MN

Pritha and Tyler were married in December 2021. I didn’t include a specific date there because their wedding wasn’t on one day—it was over three days!

The couple brought the tradition of Hindu weddings to life. These weddings typically consist of the Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Baraat, Shaadi, and a reception!

On the first day, the Haldi and Mehndi were held. The Haldi is a more intimate celebration with the closest friends and family. Towards the end of the evening, Pritha and her family received their Mehndi, also known as Henna. Henna is temporary body art created from herbs and applied the day before the wedding. The art is not just decorative—it’s a way of relaxation for the bride and could also bring good luck. Ceremonial Mehndi can also be applied to the groom!

The Sangeet began on the second day. Traditionally only attended by women (though now opened to all genders), the Sangeet is celebration filled with choreographed dancing, music, poetry, and other exhibits of celebration put on by friends and family as a way to bring together the two families.

Next, is the Baraat—a procession of dancing and music from the groom’s house to either the venue or bride’s house and can sometimes include a horse or an elephant. Unfortunately, the Minnesota winter kept everyone inside and no elephants were seen, but there was a ton of dancing!

The Shaadi is the actual wedding ceremony. Before the ceremony, we took couples photos at the Crystal Court (IDS Building) and Windows on Marquette in downtown Minneapolis. After the Shaadi there was, of course, more dancing!

To cap off three days of celebrations, the reception was an elegant dinner with sleek black and white decor. Before heading to dinner and after a quick outfit change, we took more couples photos in the lobby of the Marquette Hotel. There was cake cutting, speeches, and the first dance overlooking the skyline of Minneapolis.

Congratulations, Tyler and Pritha!


Venue: Windows on Marquette

Planning & Coordination: Rosetree Events

Photography: Rachel Lahlum Photography

Video: We Do Wedding Videography

Floral: Sadie’s Florals

Rentals: Collected & Co.

Lighting: PHOS

Henna/Mehndi: Gracious Henna

Hair & Makeup: LHN Beauty

DJ: SAP Entertainment

Dessert: Sweet Science Ice Cream

Wedding Cake: The Salted Cake

The Haldi for Pritha and Tyler was held at home, with closest friends and family.

Pritha and Tyler sit in front of their family on the first day of their Minneapolis Wedding.

Later that evening, Pritha and her family received their Mehndi.

Portraits for Pritha and Tyler’s Sangeet were taken in the Joliette House, the restaurant for the Marquette Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis. The stunning reds were an amazing contrast to the couple’s green and gold attire.

Bride and groom sitting on couch before their Sangeet at Windows on Minnesota in Minneapolis.

The Sangeet was a musical celebration highlighting the talents and love friends and family have for the couple.

Portrait of the bride and groom during the Sangeet portion of their traditional Indian wedding in downtown Minneapolis.

Before the Shaadi (ceremony), we took couples portraits in the Crystal Court of the IDS building in Downtown Minneapolis, and in Windows on Marquette.

Bride and groom in traditional Indian wedding attire twirling portrait outside of the Crystal Court at the IDS building in Downtown Minneapolis.
Bride and groom hold hands in front of a window showing the Minneapolis skyline Windows on Minnesota for the Shaadi ceremony.

The indoor Baraat for the groom! A celebration with dancing and a live drum.

After the Baraat, the bride’s parents welcomed guests into the ballroom for a beautiful Shaadi ceremony. The colors and florals were a stunning addition!

Bride and groom look at each other and smile during the Shaadi ceremony at Windows on Minnesota.

We took family photos over the lunch hour after the Shaadi! The wedding Mandap was so stunning, we had to use it for our backdrop!

Before the reception, Pritha and Tyler took photos in the lobby of the Marquette Hotel and at Windows on Marquette. We played the early winter sunset to our advantage, resulting in some stunningly dramatic wedding portraits.

Groom kisses bride as she leans into him on sofa in the lobby of the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis.
Bride and groom embrace each other in the lobby of the Marquette hotel before reception.

A candlelit evening reception dinner, toasts, and more dancing while overlooking the stunning Minneapolis skyline wrapped up the three-day celebration!

Black and white place settings on the 50th floor of the Marquette Hotel at Windows on Marquette.

Rachel Lahlum is an award-winning Minneapolis wedding photographer with experience in hundreds of weddings and engagement sessions. She takes a guided approach towards working with couples, from helping with planning and scheduling, to guiding with poses and prompts during the session. Her photography is crisp, clean and bright, with true-to-life colors and a mix of traditional poses, an eye for details, and candid moments.