Proposal Photography – Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard // Tyler & Kiley

Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard - Jordan, MN | Photography

Tyler & Kiley | Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard Proposal

Tyler reached out to me in early autumn 2020 to begin planning the photography for his proposal to Kiley. He had some details already figured out: he had a ring, he had a location, and he had a plan.

We worked up a plan for a Sunday afternoon in October, during peak apple season, at the Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard in Jordan, MN. I’ve been there before, so I was familiar with the grounds and picked out a location in advance.

Not to draw attention to myself, I also brought my family along. Afterwards, we picked apples, drank warm cider, and enjoyed the afternoon out!

The Proposal:

I arrived at the Apple Orchard with my family 20 minutes in advance of our planned time. I texted Tyler when we arrived, and he let me know what they were wearing (Kiley’s apple-red coat made it easy). While my husband and I played with our daughter, we kept an eye out for Tyler and Kiley.

The proposal plan included a couple selfies on Tyler’s phone. The couple walked a few rows into a row of apples with no other people — I tagged along a few rows behind. Tyler brought a small phone tripod and set it up on a timer so they could take photos in the location we picked in advance. Once I saw them take one selfie, I shot him a text message informing him I was ready.

The rest is better shown in photos.

Man on one knee in apple orchard proposing to girlfriend.
Man picks up fiancee in apple orchard during proposal photography session.

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