Summer St. Paul Engagement Session | Emily & Tyler – Como Park

Summer engagement session at Como Park - St. Paul, Minnesota

Como Park Engagement Session – St. Paul, MN

This session was taken by Allison, our amazing associate lead!

Tyler and Emily are naturals. The couple was fun, brought their personalities, and were willing to do just about anything for the shoot. Everything they did fell into place naturally–hand gestures, poses, and hugs required little to no adjustments.

Como Park in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a big part of the couple’s life. They live nearby and frequently walk their dog, Rex, around the lake. When they asked if they could bring their dog, Allison said “absolutely, but bring a friend or helper along.”

After Rex finished posing with his human parents, he went with the couple’s friend while they wrapped up the session. The friend they brought along is Rex’s “girlfriend,” and he loves her more than Emily.

As Rex walked with his lady-love, Emily, Tyler, and Allison toured the public parts Como Park taking photos by the lake, water features, sculptures and outside the conservatory. Tyler was so willing to do anything Emily and Allison asked of him. He picked her up so many different times and ways, but our favorite–at Tyler’s expense–was the piggy back ride on the little bridge. Emily accidentally choked Tyler as she was jumping on to his back. She didn’t realize it until after I was already taking photos. Her laugh in those photos after realizing what happened was the funniest part of the night.

Engaged couple kiss in front of vine-covered gate at Como Park in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Engaged couple pet their dog during an engagement photo session at Como Park.
Engaged couple embrace at water feature at Como Park in St. Paul, Minnesota,
Engaged couple hold hands during engagement photo session at Como Lake in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Tyler dips Emily on bridge during engagement photo session at Como Park in St. Paul.
Engaged couple walk down trail in front of Como Conservatory.
Tyler and Emily kiss during an engagement session in front of Como Conservatory.

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Rachel Lahlum and her associate Allison are an award-winning Minneapolis photography team. Together, they take a guided approach towards working with couples, from helping with planning and scheduling, to guiding with poses and prompts during the session. Their photography is crisp, clean and bright, with true-to-life colors and a mix of traditional poses and candid moments.