Sydney & Porter | Wedding Photography at The Sinclair on Grand – Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Wedding Photography | Sydney and Porter's Wedding at The Sinclair on Grande

The Vision:

Sydney and Porter held their wedding at the Sinclair on Grand in Northeast Minneapolis! One of the city’s newest event venues, this space boasts an industrial and rustic aesthetic, mixed with exposed brick and concrete, a lofted arch ceiling, and several getting-ready spaces. Sydney and Porter booked the space knowing it would be a perfect fit for their wedding vision — a stunning blend of white, mint green, tones of rusty terracotta, accents of cognac leather, and pops of pink and yellow. Their vision brought to reality was nothing short of perfect!

Customizing their wedding day elements to make it truly “them” was also very important to the bride and groom. Porter designed and crafted a diamond-shaped ceremony arch using wood sourced from trees on their families’ properties. This bespoke touch added a personal and intimate element to their special day, symbolizing the union of their lives and families. Sydney broke convention by having her brother serve as her “Man of Honor.” Meanwhile, Porter’s twin brother stood by his side as the Best Man, with all his brothers contributing heartfelt toasts that added warmth and laughter to the celebration.

Although May in Minnesota is usually lovely, the weather took a turn, offering a touch of unpredictability to the day with a gentle rain. However, instead of dampening spirits, it provided an opportunity for creativity. We embraced the weather, capturing enchanting photos that used reflections from puddles to add a unique and ethereal quality to the wedding album.

To kick off the reception with a burst of energy and excitement, Sydney and Porter introduced the “Table Dash Challenge.” This lively game had the newlyweds dashing from table to table, capturing memorable photos with their guests within the span of a single song. The joyous laughter and camaraderie set the tone for a night filled with celebration.

In every frame captured, the essence of Sydney and Porter’s love story shone through – a beautiful blend of creativity, personal touches, and the undeniable joy that comes with joining two lives in matrimony. This wedding was more than a union of two people; it was a celebration of love, family, and the artistry of crafting unforgettable memories.


Wedding invitation surrounded by foliage for Sydney and Tyler's wedding at the Sinclair on Grand.
Bride and groom kiss during first look photos outside of Sinclair on Grand.
Black and white wedding portrait of bride and groom kissing as veil flows in the wind at The Sinclair on Grand.
Bride smiles and looks back at groom in intimate wedding portrait at The Sinclair on Grand.
Closeup detail shot of bride and grooms wedding shoes at The Sinclair on Grand.
Bride and groom kiss in front of the Sinclair on Grand wedding venue as bridal party moves behind them.
Grooms dips and kisses bride in front of weddinggoers at The Sinclair on Grand.
Groom and bride pose with signed wedding certificate with officiant and witnesses.
Groom and bride kiss during reception dinner at the Sinclair on Grand.
Bride and groom kiss as yellow and orange smoke surrounds them outside of The Sinclair on Grand.
Bride and groom smile at each other outside of The Sinclair on Grand in front of clouds of orange and yellow smoke.
Bride and groom kiss while holding umbrellas in the rain outside of wedding reception.

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