Bethany & Colby

A Lovely Church Micro Wedding of Pizza, Pie and Dinosaurs

Bethany & Colby | Woodland Hills Family Church – Branson, MO | A Lovely Church Micro Wedding of Pizza, Pie and Dinosaurs


Hey readers! I’m trying something new – before reading any further, open this link in a separate window and set it to play in the background while you check out this blog post. The link is a violin rendition of “For the Dancing and Dreaming,” composed by John Powell for the film “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. The couple chose this song for their wedding ceremony processional, and I think it will really set the tone.

Wedding & Reception Venue: Woodland Hills Family Church – Branson, Missouri

Photography: Rachel Lahlum Photography

Second Photographer: The Snappy Redhead

Bethany and Colby met while working as backstage technicians for a theatre in Branson. Before dating, they’d spent a lot of time talking, however, both being self-proclaimed introverts, months went by before either of them admitted to liking each other. Finally, Colby decided to “run the risk of rejection” (his words) and ask Bethany to coffee. The rest was history.

The couple chose Sunday, November 4 for their intimate church wedding. They wanted the day to be short and sweet – and it was – about 5 hours total, from getting ready to their departure. They got ready separately at their apartments and met for their first look at the theatre where they met. For their first look, I helped Colby into place so he could turn around and see Bethany, who had literally made her wedding dress using the skirt of grandmother’s wedding dress, and another vintage dress.

Colby admitted to me that his “heart was pounding,” when I told him Bethany was approaching. When he turned around to face his bride, she was wearing an inflatable Indominus Rex costume. After the slight shock and a ton of laughter, he helped her out of the costume and we proceeded into portraits. We took all photos before the wedding, using the picturesque Ozark Mountains in glorious burnt-orange fall as our backdrop. 

Afterward, we went to the church for their ceremony and reception. The wedding party processed down the aisle to music from “How to Train Your Dragon” (a favorite of the couple). Their ceremony was intimate and scripture-filled. Colby gave Bethany his mother’s wedding ring, who she had left to be given to the first of her children to be married.

After the ceremony, we went to the reception. Guests enjoyed pizza and pie (Bethany made all the pies herself, from scratch). After a bite to eat and a couple of short toasts, guests sent the couple off with a bubble exit. 

Bethany, a seamstress in her own right (she’s so talented), repurposed the skirt from her grandmother’s wedding dress!  Left: Bethany & Colby – November 4, 2018 // Right: Eileen & Simen – September 20, 1959

Bethany’s beautiful, yellow and navy bridal details!

Surprise! A dinosaur first look. What a beautiful bride!

Pizza & Pie – The Best Kind of Wedding Meal

A Bubble Exit Send-Off for the Bride and Groom