Wedding Reception Game – The Table Dash | Get a photo with every guest at your wedding in under 15 minutes!

Get a photo with everyone at your wedding in under 10 minutes!

Wedding Reception games are trending — we have the Shoe Game, Wedding Mad Libs, Demonstrate a Kiss, etc. They’re fun, entertaining and make for great photographs. The Table Dash is my take on wedding games with a photography twist. The result? The couple gets a photo with every guest who attended their wedding.

The Goal: Visit every table for a photo, in the duration of two average-length songs. (You could probably make it three if you have a HUGE guest list).

The Keys to Success:

  1. Couples should work with their DJ in advance so that announcements can be made and guests are prepped and ready to go.
    Timing is important — I like recommending you do this after the Grand Entrance because everyone is already seated, but you’re not interrupting dinner.
  2. Your photographer should have a plan. When I do this game, I send my assistant/second shooter to prep the next table for our photo. This gives the couple and myself a direction to go, ensures that we hit every table, and the table is ready when we arrive.
  3. Make it fun for your guests! Sure, smiling photos are great — but, if you’re the kind of people who love a fun photo, make it a contest. Who can have the best-posed group? Who has the best “themed” pose? How many times can your mom sneak into a table for a photo? 
  4. Don’t forget the Head Table! But — save it for last. That way, you’ll be there when dinner starts! ūüėČ

Below are photos from Holli and Shawn’s 2-Song Dash. They had 33 tables, with about 260 guests, that we visited in 6:03 (six minutes and three seconds!!!).